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  • Time: The "endless" asset

    When we asked about 1,500 officials over the globe2 to disclose to us how they invested their energy, we found that lone 9 percent of the respondents considered themselves "extremely fulfilled" with their present assignment. Not as much as half were "fairly fulfilled," and around 33% were "effectively disappointed." What's all the more, just 52 percent said that the way they invested their energy to a great extent coordinated their associations' key needs. About half conceded that they were not focusing adequately on managing the vital course of the business. This last two information focuses recommend that time difficulties are affecting the prosperity of organizations, not simply people.


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    I was so impressed by his sheer brilliance and the way Doctor Hoffman carried himself during our sessions for social anxiety that I changed my direction in life from law to now wanting to go into the mental health field. He really changed my life and I hope to one day do the same for others. I hope to make him proud.

    In our introductory session, Dr. Saad offered remarkable insights to issues that have been reoccurring obstacles in my life for sometime. She was very attentive when I was speaking and was very direct when delivering her analysis, which I found to be very refreshing.


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